HotNewHipHop Viewer



Hip Hop is probably the most widely contested music genre out there. Every rapper, DJ and hip hop all rounder wants to be heard and has a dream that one day they can follow in the footsteps of 50 Cent, Snoop Dog or Eminem. Now getting your Hip Hop tunes out there and heard by others has never been easier.

Building up a natural play count on your hip hop tracks in Hip Hop music sharing forums can be tough if you don’t already have a name for yourself and if no one is listening to your tracks. With a low play count, most of those in search of ripping hip hop tunes will choose tracks with plenty of plays, which are effectively a sign of popularity and recommendation.

HotNewHipHop Viewer is a software tool that will get your tracks automated plays so your tunes stand out and catch the attention of those unwilling to try tracks with low play counts. You can select an unlimited amount of tracks to send plays to and send play counts on each track into the thousands. And, all this can be achieved using anonymity via unique proxies that will show plays coming from multiple locations; therefore, this tool guarantees that your tracks’ play counts look completely legit!


  • User friendly interface
  • Set the views per song
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Multithreading support
  • Randomized proxies

This is a unique software product. There are no other software programs out there that can target the Hip Hop genre so effectively. Now you can give your Hip Hop tracks exactly the number of views you want in order to get your talents recognized by encouraging other Hip Hop fans to listen to your productions




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