Easy Link Checker



In today’s internet marketing world of SEO the focus is now on quality links as well as devaluing low value links; many of which have been software generated. With so many search engine updates destroying the value of spammed backlinks and putting no value on multiple links that have been software generated, things have changed for those concerned about their SEO.

However, regardless of how you obtained back links, the links that you still have pointing to your website still need to be checked and maintained, so you can ensure your site is still pulling in link juice from other websites.

Easy Link Checker is a fast and easy to use tool that allows you to quickly check which backlinks still exist and whether you need to replace old, dead and buried links that no longer add value to your site. Enter any number of URLs into this intelligent link checking tool and see whether your links are still where they should be. This tool is also a great way to check whether your current back linking campaigns are holding up and which links are the most valuable in terms of longevity.


  • Check unlimited URLs
  • Setup in seconds
  • Export results via .csv or .txt
  • Run multiple checks at once (Multithreading)
  • Socket based URL checking

The Easy Link Checker doesn’t get its name for no reason. This is the easiest back linking checker to use on the market. All you need to do is keep track of your back links’ URLs, enter them into the software, press start and wait for the results!




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