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CloudDemon is the ultimate SoundCloud plays generating software!

When it comes to music, everyone wants to be heard, literally. People from across the world make new music every day, in just about every genre imaginable. Getting your own work heard can be a major pain, especially as it seems that people only listen to music that other people have approved of. It’s a bad case of Catch 22, it takes people having heard your music, to get more people to hear your music.

CloudDemon breaks that vicious cycle by offering you a top of the line software that can give you tons of plays for every one of your tracks. All it takes is entering your tracks and a few other options to start getting all the plays you need, making it only a matter of time before others start coming to listen to your music.

CloudDemon Features:

  • Run Unlimited Tracks
  • Set Total Plays Per Track
  • Multithreading (More threads = faster plays)
  • Built-in socket based proxy scraper
  • And more!

Having plays for your tracks is the only way to rise above the numerous other musicians on SoundCloud and get your music heard, and CloudDemon offers you the easiest way to get those plays. After all, your music deserves to be heard.



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