Mega Backlink Indexer



Keeping track and indexing your backlinks can be a mind numbing task. Mega Backlink Indexer changes all this in one cost effective and neat piece of software. It’s as simple as adding your backlinks and letting the software run, allowing you to save your valuable time for anything you like!

Mega Backlink Indexer includes full proxy support to avoid repeatedly indexing your links from the same IP. Furthermore, this tool provides you live results and complete control over the amount of index services used. When your indexing has completed, you can export the results via .csv so you have a complete record of your indexing.


  • Index Unlimited URLs
  • Full Proxy Support
  • Live and Instant Results
  • Hundreds of Index Services
  • 100% Socket Based Indexing
  • Save results via .csv

Avoid arduous manual backlink indexing tasks. Use Mega Backlink Indexer with full proxy support to start indexing your backlinks within seconds. This is one of the most affordable pieces of software of its kind at an unbeatable price. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefit of instant results saving you hours of time.


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